About Us

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We are Real Estate investors, like you.

We work within a very specific niche.

We buy and sell small parcels of vacant land, from a single lot, up to 99 acres. We deal primarily in residential or recreational properties, though an occasional commercial property has found its way into our system.

We think of ourselves as property wholesale dealers.   We are the Wal-mart or Costco or Sam’s club of the land investing business.  We offer quality properties in the same areas as big brokerages do, but at greatly reduced prices. Our business model is simple, and it is based on service.

Service is what allows us to acquire these properties at prices far below what most people can find. We serve our sellers by doing the leg work and dealing with the exhausting frustrations that can tie up property for years. We help them resolve tough issues, clear titles, research lost documents etc., and in return, they sell us these properties for pennies on the dollar. This allow us to offer properties that are not available anywhere else.

Service is also the foundation of our relationship with our buyers. We do the hard work of seeking these properties, negotiating these deals, and bringing properties to market at prices almost too good to be true. But they are true.

Some people would try to maximize profits by bringing these great properties to market at full retail value, but that is not the path we have chosen. We feel we will do better in the long run if we just carve out a small profit margin and pass the bulk of the savings along to you, the end buyer.

This allows you, our savvy investor, to acquire instant equity at the closing table. In this way, we can help people achieve their dreams of being land owners, stimulate the economy, and gradually build a strong and stable business. We are building the American dream, for our associates and ourselves, one property at a time.

That’s it.

That is our business model in a nutshell. Nothing fancy. Just the tried and true wholesale model of buy low, sell low. There are no smoke and mirrors here. All business transactions are handled using paper contracts, signed and witnessed by real world notaries and attorneys. We market over the internet, but we do business in the real world. We believe in the convenience of e-mail, but we are also more than happy to do business over the telephone if you are more comfortable with that. We provide super-secure portals for online credit card transactions. This is simply for your convenience. If you don’t like doing business online, we can accomplish quick and convenient transactions using Fed Ex or UPS for overnight delivery of certified funds, contracts, and deeds. We will never do anything that will compromise your privacy or security.

We are very pleased to assist you in experiencing the fulfillment that comes with property ownership. That is the most rewarding part of our job, and we are passionate about it.

If you don’t see what you want in our existing inventory, drop us a note at buywholesaleland@gmail.com, and tell us exactly what you are looking for.

At the same time,  sign up on our Premier Buyers List, so that you are the first to hear about the hottest new deals. Just put in your name and e-mail in the box on the right hand side bar, and you’re in.

But give serious consideration to the deals we are currently offering. Sometimes the best way to reach your ultimate dream property is to buy and sell a few “stepping stone” properties along the way, until you reach your final destination. We have some amazing opportunities for you right now.

To your success,

The Buy-wholesale-land.com Team.


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