9 Hand Drive – SOLD!

9 Hand Drive –  SOLD!

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Dolphins in Sunset 9 Hand Drive    SOLD!

One of our recent SOLD properties is located 500 feet from this beach. South Carolina is a state that is often underestimated by those who do not know the state well. This is a place with Beaches, farm land, rolling hills, and mountains.

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Land! SOLD

Land! SOLD

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Near Great Smokey Mountains,

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Guadalupe Mountains Park –SOLD!

Guadalupe Mountains Park –SOLD!

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Ten Acres of TEXAS Guadalupe land,

just five miles From Guadalupe Mountains Park.

Great mountain views, just off the highway,

and only about an hour away from Carlsbad National Park.

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Lake-side Property! SOLD

Lake-side Property! SOLD

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Foxwood Hills Mountains2 Lake side Property! SOLD



South Carolina,Lake Hartwell, Foxwood Hills, Home Site

Bid Now at E-bay.com.No reserve, owner financing. 






Foxwood Hills Golf Course Fairway.600px Lake side Property! SOLD

One Lot located close to water’s edge
*You are bidding on the down payment ONLY* 

Owner financing available on the remaining balance.

Lake Hartwell is a huge man-made lake,  

forming a border between Georgia and South Carolina.

With over 55,000 acres of water, this is a heaven for all varieties of water sports.

Record-setting fishing, boating, skiing, swimming, or simply floating are all a 100 feet away.

Lake Hartwell Aerial Lake side Property! SOLD
Lake Hartwell has over 55,000 acres of water.

Property Description:

Be the proud owner of this lot that sits within about 100 feet of the shoreline 

on beautiful Lake Hartwell. There is a land buffer between your new lot and the water,

but it is not deeded property, so nobody can ever build there.

This effectively doubles the size of your lot, and gives you unrestricted access to the lake.

When you build your dream home here, you can look out the back window and watch

your friends and loved ones running down to the water.

This is a great lot, in a great subdivision, in a breath-taking location.

The address is 406 Blue Ridge court, named after the Blue Ridge Mountains that can be seen in the distance.

If you are looking for a place to retire, or a place to go on vacation with the kids, or if you are just looking for

an investment property that will appreciate over time, this is what you’ve been searching for.

Owner financing with easy terms makes this an affordable investment for the future,

and a first-class enhancement to your life now.

At $24,300, this is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity.

This auction has no reserve, with the low starting bid of $1.


Current Foxwood Gate 2 768x1024 Lake side Property! SOLD

Foxwood Hills is a well-developed subdivision with stunning natural beauty,

as well as ample amenities.

Foxwood Hills Olympic Pool surface.650px Lake side Property! SOLD 

The Amenities Center boasts and Olympic-sized swimming pool, three tennis courts,





Foxwood Hills Tennis e1291607183129 Lake side Property! SOLD

a play area for children, an indoor pool and two jacuzzi spas.

Foxwood hills Play area e1291607800138 Lake side Property! SOLD


There is a lounge, work out room, and game room.

Combined with the world-class water feature represented by Lake Hartwell,

this represents something close to the perfect neighborhood.

If only there was a golf course.

Oh, I forgot – THERE IS!

Foxwood Hills Golf Course 1st Hole.2. 600.px  Lake side Property! SOLD


Foxwood Hills Golf Lake side Property! SOLD

Foxwood hills is home to this beautiful nine hole golf course. 

There are several other eighteen hole courses nearby.

What more could you ask for?

The only difficulty you will have is trying to decide what to do with each day.

Do we boat in the morning and golf in the afternoon, or vice-versa?

Or maybe you will just alternate days, so you can slow down and take your time.

Sunset and boating Hartwell1 Lake side Property! SOLD

Lake Hartwell striper02 e1287962182165 Lake side Property! SOLD

Like I said, this is a world-class lake.

Once this lot is yours, how will YOU spend your time?

Golfing, fishing, skiing, lake swimming, pool swimming, sitting in the spa?

Enjoying the game room?

Hanging out at the lounge or at the restaurant with your new friends?

Foxwood Lake view between properties1 e1298135697832 Lake side Property! SOLD

Or maybe you will just sit on your property and watch the sun

go up – and down – and listen to the birds.

This home site is within your reach. Just go get it.


All you have to do is bid a small amount for the down payment,

and then make easy monthly installments while you enjoy the land.

Why wait until someday?

This is the best buyer’s market we’ve ever seen in our lifetime.

Act now, and make your dreams come true.

Dreams don’t come true by accident.

Those who live privileged lives Cause their dreams to come true by taking action.

Area Description:

Lake Hartwell is located right on the border between Georgia and South Carolina.

This is a gorgeous place with hills, mountains, water, and wildlife.

While enjoying four distinct seasons, the area has a moderate climate,

and none of the seasons lasts long enough that you will grow tired of them.

Each season is as beautiful as the other.

Oconee County is a magical place, with an amazing mixture of natural beauty and fine amenities.

There are always interesting activities available, but there is a noticeable absence of “hustle and bustle.”

Plenty of friendly, neighborly people, but no rush hour traffic.

County Profile -

Oconnee is a Native American word which means “Land beside the waters.”

The area is alive with a unique array of flora and fauna that would be hard to beat anywhere.

The people here enjoy activities, so there is an abundance of fruit festivals, flower festivals,

music festivals, rodeos, heritage celebrations, art celebrations, theater performances

at both the local and national level, as well as fine dining.

Tourism is strong here, due to the powerful draw of the natural beauty of the area.

This means that if you should choose to, you can rent out your vacation home when you are not here.

This area is known as “the golden corner” of the upstate.

Local Hot Spots

There are several population centers nearby, including

Sceneca, Walhalla, Westminster, and Clemson.

There is easy access to shopping of all varieties, especially quaint boutique shops

with antiques and one-of-a-kind treasures.
Area Links:
Oconee County Website

Oconee County Register of Deeds




APN # 315-05-01-132
County Oconee
State South Carolina
Parcel Size .363 acres
Legal Description Lot 54, Section D, Mountain Bay Estates 

Plat Book P34, Page 146


CASH ONLY FOR DOWN PAYMENT – Owner financing available on balance. Down payment amount will be deducted from the purchase price. Payment must be received within 48 hours after end of auction.

Interest Rate 10%
Monthly Payment: $214.00 per month. 

This is a 7-year loan with a balloon payment in the 85th month. This will give you time to pay the balloon amount ahead, or secure other financing. Down payment amount will be deducted from the purchase price.

Total Balance: $24,300
Power Available at property line.

Available at property line. 






Available at property line. 





Sewer / Septic Available at the property line.
Roads Road access – Frontage on Blue Ridge Court
Base Taxes Contact County Tax Office
Building Restrictions No time limit to build – There are some restrictions in order to keep the quality. See Foxwood Hills P.O.A for more information. Click Here for the P.O.A.Website. 

Dues $387 per year.
Terrain Hills, sloping toward the water.
Zoning Vacant Residential; Contact Zoning Office for official zoning info
Closing fee We charge a low closing fee of $290.00 for all transaction costs on this property
Additional Comment:
Contact us by email propertyandlandsale@gmail.com 

Contact us by Phone 1-800-735-5678
Payment Options We accept all major credit cards (except Discover card), Cashier’s check and Money Orders as Payment method. If you are the Winning Bidder, please contact us within 24 hours from the time the auction ended and make the payment within 48 hours from the end of the auction.

All properties are being sold in an “As Is, Where Is, and with All Faults” condition as of the date of the auction (date of sale). All sales are considered SOLD and FINAL. Buyer understands that Seller will abide by all state disclosure laws and will disclose all known facts regarding the property. Buyer acknowledges that all properties are being sold at auction subject to all existing covenants, conditions, restrictions, reservations, exploration and mineral rights, easements, rights of way, assessments, zoning, and all other land use restrictions as there may be on or off record. Seller reserves the right to run a credit check on the winning bidder before loan approval.

DEED: Unless otherwise stated, once the property is paid off, we will convey ownership to properties using a “Special Warranty Deed” This property was purchased with title insurance. We guarantee clear title.

  1. At the time of sale (auction date) the property is free and clear from liens other than recurring assessments and bonds and that the property has marketable title.
  2. The pictures displayed on www.Buy-Wholesale-Land.com and corresponding property description for each particular property describes Seller’s opinion of the general property area, condition and/or property area based upon Seller’s visit to the property and/or research made about the property area.
  3. At the time of the sale, the properties do not have any delinquent taxes due.
  4. Any Affidavits of Disclosure or other Seller property disclosure statements made available have been made to the best of the Seller’s knowledge.


Owner financing is available for the remaining balance.

Down payment amount will be deducted from the purchase price.

406 Blue Ridge Court Plat real water Lake side Property! SOLD
This Plat Map shows that the property has no deeded land between it and the water. 

Note that these photos were taken at a time when the water levels in the lake were low.

You can see the high water line if you look for it.


  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis
  • Playground / Play station
  • Restaurant
  • Lounge
  • Meeting Room
  • Weight Room
  • Game/TV Room
  • POA Office
  • Foxwood Olympic Pool Lake side Property! SOLD

    Above is the Olympic-sized outdoor pool.

    There is also an indoor pool and two jacuzzi spas.

    Lot and Amenities Center e1298135889227 Lake side Property! SOLD

    This shows the lot’s proximity to the amenities center.

    You are going to love being a land owner in Oconee County, SC.

    The entire area is made up of stunning vistas.

    OconeeFoothills Lake side Property! SOLD

    Bid with confidence.

    This property has a clear title guarantee, no reserve,

    and a low starting bid of $1.00 for the down payment.

    Owner financing will be provided with a low monthly payment of $200.

    There is a one-time loan origination/deed processing fee of $290.

    Your bid + $290 = the amount due at end of auction.

    The down payment will be deducted from the purchase price.

    Still not convinced? View this video of Oconee County Attractions.


    Serious bidders only, please!

    Non-paying bidders only increase the price for others

    who want to purchase the property.

    eBay’s policy states that real estate auctions are a binding agreement.

    If you are the high bidder and you fail to perform,

    a Non Paying Bidder Report will automatically be filed with eBay.

    Non Paying Bidder Reports lead to suspension from eBay.

    If you can not abide by these terms, please do not bid.

     Lake side Property! SOLD

    Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC — SOLD!

    Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC — SOLD!

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    Priced Below Market Value SOLD

    Holly Hill Historical Marker Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    Opt in banner Snipe Competi Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    Holly Hill, SC, is a small town with a lot of Southern charm.

    The town was named after – you guessed it, a hill with a grove of Holly trees on it.

    Farmland Holly Hill Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!The grove of hollies is gone, but to this day Holly Hill is surrounded by a mixture of rich farm land, and vast acreages of lush trees. Since 1848 or before, this town has enjoyed the unique and pleasant life style known as “Southern Living.”

    Sweatmans Barbecue  Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    Here, Barbecue is serious business.


    Future hounds Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    And even among grown men, puppies are important.


    CoonHound.cropped.web  Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    The property we are featuring in this post is a 2.6 acre home site just a couple miles from main street.

    This is really a beautiful parcel, close to town, but it comes with the quiet of country living.

    Mowed lawn Camaro.web 1 Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    The front half of the parcel is cleared and mowed,  and the back half is wooded.

    The photo above is looking across the property from front to back.


    Looking toward Front Neighb Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    The photo above shows the view looking across the property toward the front neighbor.

    Looking toward Road down Pa Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    The property includes a narrow strip that runs along this hedgerow up to to the road. You can see the part of the lot that extends to the road in the “bird’s eye” view, below.

    Pintail Ln. Birds Eye.web  Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    If you look closely, you will see there is an established road into the property on the opposite side, labeled on the map as “Schwartz Drive.”  This is a well established road, and well-packed. We drove a Camaro with very little clearance down this road during a torrential down pour, and didn’t sink in at all.

    You can see Schwartz Drive (And the Camaro) in the photo below.  Sorry, the Camaro isn’t for sale.

    From home site down drivewa Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    Below is a plat map of the property.

    Paintail Ln Plat Map.web  Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    There was a mobile home on this property at one time, but it burned to the ground.  The debris pile is unsightly, but because the mobile home burned so completely, it would be relatively easy to clear away.

    We have a verbal estimate from a salvage contractor who told us he would remove all the debris, including the junk car for $1500 to $2000 and could have it completed in a day or a day and a half.

    Burned Mobile Home Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    Here is another shot of the debris pile. You can see that with a front-end loader, a cutting torch and a large dumpster,

    you could quickly clear the home site and have it ready for building or placing a new home.

    Front of debris pile.web  Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    The really good news is that the presence of the old trailer indicates that all utilities were in place at one time.

    You can see that the electrical lines are still in place, and even the satellite T.V. dish.

    Mowed lawn Camaro.web 1 e1279313976305 Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    Below is a shot of the woods behind the home site.

    The wooded portion of this parcel is approximately one third of the parcel.

    Foundation looking to woods Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    From the air, you can see how green and lush the area is.

    Google Aerial of 122 Pintai Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!


    Speaking of the surrounding area, this property is only 12 minutes from Lake Marion.

    This is a gorgeous lake, as you can see below.

    Lake Marion Sunset Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    Renowned for World Class water sports, the proximity to this lake is reason enough to buy this parcel.

    Big Cat.web  Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    Whether you are going after the big cats, or fishing for Bass with light tackle, this is the place for you.

    Bass fishing Lake Marion.cr  Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD!

    This is a great property, in a great location, at a great price.

    We are asking only $8,500. We expect this property to go quickly.

    We only have one parcel like this available. Don’t hesitate.

    e-mail your offer today, to:      buywholesaleland@gmail.com



    target=”_blank”> Unique and Beautiful Home Site Near Holly Hill, SC    SOLD! src="http://c.statcounter.com/6542035/0/100430f7/1/"
    alt="wordpress stat" >

    Super Cheap Property! @ $2,200 You can’t go wrong! – SOLD!

    Super Cheap Property! @ $2,200 You can’t go wrong! – SOLD!

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    This is a small lot, 6,403 Sq.Ft.  Just outside of Holly Hill, SC. The county Tax assessment for the property is $4,150. This is for Land only. The county site shows “no improvements.”

    Catamount Rd From corner Super Cheap Property! @ $2,200 You cant go wrong!   SOLD!

    Jones Plat Map Super Cheap Property! @ $2,200 You cant go wrong!   SOLD!

    However, the reality is that there ARE improvements on the property. Both Google Earth and the County web site images show a mobile home on the property, so clearly, there are some utility hookups, etc. present.

    Jones County Aerial.close .w Super Cheap Property! @ $2,200 You cant go wrong!   SOLD!

    And here is the Google shot…

    Street View from Sugar Hill1 1024x701 Super Cheap Property! @ $2,200 You cant go wrong!   SOLD!

    Here is a Google map of the area. The property is located on the North side of Catamount between Sugar Hill and Brightwater.
    View Larger Map

    So…. Does this property have a mobile home on it or not?  Hmmm….

    To be perfectly honest with you, we don’t know.  We will go check it out in the next couple days, and if it turns out that there is indeed a mobile home present, then of course, we will adjust the price upward.

    But- This is a wholesale deal. We aren’t looking to make a ton of money off of this one property. Our business model is built upon making a little bit of profit off of a lot of different properties. So if you act quickly, you could buy a mobile home and a home site for just the price of the land. And the land is priced at LESS THAN HALF of the assessed value, to boot! Grab this property at $2,200.00.   Do it now.

    Come on, What more do you want?  When else are you going to find an opportunity like this?

    Don’t hesitate. This is one you have to move on or you will lose it.  We may be crazy, but we’re not that crazy. If we get over there and find out there is a mobile home included, the price is going up. So what are you going to do?

    E-mail your offer to propertyandlandsales@gmail.com.

    Do it now!

    SOLD! Near the Beach!

    SOLD! Near the Beach!

    April 26, 2010 by admin · 3 Comments 

    Hand Drive SOLD SOLD! Near the Beach!

    You won’t believe this location!
    More Details…

    Tiny House with BIG Cashflow Potential – SOLD!

    Tiny House with BIG Cashflow Potential – SOLD!

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    Stroman Under Contract Tiny House with BIG Cashflow Potential   SOLD!

    Tiny House, Big cash flow potential!

    This is a tiny little house, but it will Cash flow.

    This one bed one bath house is tiny, and it has a tiny price to match.  Perfect for a bachelor, or for a single female.  Rents in the area would support at least $300/month for the property. Assessed at $13,730 by the county, you can snag it for only $6,000. That is less than 50% of market. We love to do that. It keeps the properties moving, and allows us to build a strong buyer’s list.

    Located at 1826 Stroman Ave NW, in Orangeburg, SC, this tiny house sits on a lot 30′ by 163′.  There is room for a backyard barbecue , or a horseshoe pit, or a volleyball game, but not enough to be a lot of hassle to take care of.

    Only about six miles from the Orangeburg-Calhoun technical college, this might be a good little house for a student. It is a roof overhead without running up the financial overhead.

    1826 Stroman St Plat Tiny House with BIG Cashflow Potential   SOLD!

    We would consider financing half of the purchase, if that is helpful.  Let’s say three thousand down, and then $100 per month until it is paid off . We could carry the note at 6% interest.

    A one bedroom rental, which is hard to find, could easily bring in $300 per month, leaving you with a $200 per month Positive cash flow.

    Or, just pay it off with cash and have $300 per month positive income.

    Send your offer to buywholesaleland@gmail.com

    Best of fortune to you.


    City of Orangeburg, SC, 1/2 acre lot Cheap! — SOLD!

    City of Orangeburg, SC, 1/2 acre lot Cheap! — SOLD!

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    Sally St left back corner City of Orangeburg, SC, 1/2 acre lot Cheap!    SOLD!

    City of Orangeburg: Lot for sale 1/2 Acre!

    Opt in banner Snipe Competi City of Orangeburg, SC, 1/2 acre lot Cheap!    SOLD!

    Salley Street,  Orangeburg,  SC :

    Green and attractive 1/2 acre lot for a dirt cheap price.  Large enough to build one or more rental-sized dwellings.

    Super cheap price, buy now at half price and and hold for appreciation. This is a great investment for a landlord with an eye to the future.  This lot is located in Orangeburg,  close to universities.  Would be an excellent location for student housing rentals.

    County assesses the property at over $12,000.  Grab it now for $5,900.  Cash deals only. Must move it quickly.

    On the left side of the property are three relatively new homes built by habitat for humanity. The three houses below are built on an almost identical lot, and border this property. The 1/2 acre we are selling is located right behind these nice single family houses.

    Habitat for Humanity Homes. City of Orangeburg, SC, 1/2 acre lot Cheap!    SOLD!

    The lot is cleared, but is surrounded by trees, creating a nice one half acre that feels secluded.  See the tree barrier in the photo below.

    Trees surround lot City of Orangeburg, SC, 1/2 acre lot Cheap!    SOLD!

    When you are in the lot looking out toward the street, you feel that you are in a very private setting, as shown in the photo below.

    Sally St. Looking out cropp1 City of Orangeburg, SC, 1/2 acre lot Cheap!    SOLD!

    There is a small island of trees near the back of the property, which makes it difficult to show the size of the lot in photographs. Note in the photo below that you can see a clearing on the other side of the trees.

    Sally St.Looking toward rig City of Orangeburg, SC, 1/2 acre lot Cheap!    SOLD!

    The plat map below shows the layout of the property. There is an apartment complex on the left side, the three single family homes on the right side, and an easement owned by the rail road at the rear of the lot.

    Anderson Rosa Plat City of Orangeburg, SC, 1/2 acre lot Cheap!    SOLD!

    This is a unique property with many different potential uses.   One creative use for the lot would be to buy it for $5,900 and donate it to habitat for Humanity, creating a tax deduction of $12,000.  Buy and hold, or build multi-family student housing, or  several single family dwellings.

    e-mail your offer today, before someone else beats you to this great opportunity.


    The difference between those who succeed and those who stagnate, is ACTION.

    The Land – SOLD!

    The Land – SOLD!

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    The Land is in Texas.

    This land was sold by owner

    9.25 Acres of Trans-Pecos Land

    Own over 400,000 Square Feet

    of  the land of the wild, wild West.

    Only a one – hour drive from

    Pecos Texas, Carlsbad New Mexico,

    Guadalupe Mountains National Park,

    and Carlsbad Caverns National Park. More Details…