Coastal North Carolina Lot for Sale!

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1310 Caracara dr. High Alt. e1359403237631 Coastal North Carolina Lot for Sale!










Lot for sale near Pamlico Sound

Owner financing available.

Total purchase Price = $6,847

5% down payment = $307

Remaining balance will be carried by owner

at 10% for 37 months ($200 per month)

Nice Home Lot in Beautiful Area!
trans Coastal North Carolina Lot for Sale!
Valued at $10,500 by county

Priced at a 35% discount!

Long distance owner is very motivated. Must sell.

Address is 1310 Caracara Dr.

Fairfield Harbour, New Bern, NC


Near Cape Hateras and the outer banks, this area is

one of the most popular destinations on the East Coast of the U.S.trans Coastal North Carolina Lot for Sale!

1310 Caracara dr. Street Veiw e1359401073112 Coastal North Carolina Lot for Sale!













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Lot Features: Large, level, one-third acre lot cleared with a few trees remaining.
County Value: $10,500
Asking price: $6,847
Partial Owner financing available: Owner will carry the balance of the purchase price with a monthly payment of $200 for 37 months.
Cash discount: 10% discount off of purchase price if you buy with cash.
Cash price: $5,838.30

HOA fees per year: $696.00 (payable in payments).

Taxes: $54.00 per year.

Property number is  2-067-015.

Lot size: One third of an acre (.34 acres)

This is a a great piece of Property (land), in beautiful Fairfield Harbour Subdivision. Coastal North Carolina, in the outerbanks area, is a favorite vacation and retirement destination. If you are conducting a (land) property search on the NC coast, this is the real realty you’ve been looking for. We have only two properties on the North Carolina coast.

1310 Caracara dr. High Alt. e1359403237631 Coastal North Carolina Lot for Sale!












Fairfield Harbour Yacht club logo1 Coastal North Carolina Lot for Sale!This lot is located in a subdivision with a sailboat marina, but the real value in this lot is it’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, by way of Pamlico Sound. The subdivision is located along the banks of the Neuse River.

In addition to sailing in North Carolina, this area also offers the opportunity to take advantage of the amazing fishing in NC. The fish species in North Carolina are diverse, with everything from fresh water trout to the full range of Gulf-stream species. Perhaps most notable among these is the bass fishing in North Carolina, as evidenced by the video on our website showing a huge bass being taken out of the river into a kayak!  See the video at

The Neuse River in North Carolina provides an abundance of recreational opportunities from Kayaking, to sailing a yacht, to wake boarding, or just passing through with your big boat on the way to fish in the gulf stream. Coastal North Carolina is a beautiful area, steeped in the history of colonial times, complete with the swash-buckling lore of the world’s most famous pirates. Blackbeard himself sailed these waters, and navigated these rivers. Read this excerpt from Nicholas Graham, written in 2003:

“Between adventures at sea, Blackbeard often returned to North Carolina. The shallow waters and complicated inlets of the Outer Banks provided a popular hiding place for pirates while they rested their crews and repaired their ships.

Blackbeard favored Ocracoke Inlet and was rumored to have had a house in Ocracoke village. There is an inlet there today still known as ‘Teach’s Hole.’”

We don’t know all the details of the big pirate with the black beard, but we can surmise that he was an imposing figure, from the fact that he became one of the most feared and most famous of all pirates, even though his career lasted only two years. Stories of crazed eyes, burning fuses woven into his beard, multiple pistols strapped across his chest in bandolier fashion, are plentiful. One writer, published in London in 1726, wrote “…and stuck lighted Matches under his Hat, which appearing on each Side of his Face, his Eyes naturally looking fierce and wild, made him altogether such a Figure, that Imagination cannot form an Idea of a Fury, from Hell, to look more frightful.”

- Charles Johnson’s “A General History of the Pyrates” published in London in 1726

6107 Cassowary Lane 1853 Map e1343167795196 Coastal North Carolina Lot for Sale!

Of course, these were times of strong characters, and powerful wills. In November of 1718, a group of British Naval Officers sailed up from Virginia, and attacked Blackbeard’s crew on Ocracoke Island, defeating them in an all-out sunrise battle. According to historical accounts, Blackbeard was wounded 25 times, including five gunshot wounds. You may or may not have an interest in the history of the area, but it is assured that when you are coming and going through the mist along these waterways, you will be crossing the wakes of the Pirates of North Carolina.

So whether you are interested in sailing in NC, fishing in NC, or just enjoying life along the North Carolina coast line, you have reached the destination of your North Carolina property (land) search. This fine piece of North Carolina land is available for you now at a 35% discount off of it’s assessed value.

If you are not familiar with Fairfield Harbour sail/ Golf resort, you owe it to yourself to go see all that this

amazing subdivision has to offer. And take a moment to check out the Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club.


The County sets the value for this property at $10,500.

Our asking price is $6847.

That’s Right, 35% discount off of the county’s value for the land.

Why would we do that?

The answer is simple. This is our business model. We find incredible bargains, and sell them at wholesale prices. As you can imagine, for us to make a profit, and stay in business, we have to buy these properties at even lower prices. In many cases, this means the land has become a burden for the current owner. Sometimes the owner lives far away, and keeping track of the business of the parcel is a hassle. Sometimes there is some local issue that makes the owner no longer want to own the land.

With this particular property, both of these are true. The long-distance owner would like to sell the property, as plans of retiring here have changed. In addition to that, the local company in charge of maintaining the golf course has not performed well, so there is an issue with the quality of the golf course. As you can imagine, the golf course question will work its self out in time.  Yet, because we were able to get this property at such a great discount, in this moment there exists a great opportunity to buy this property at a great discount. Even though the golf amenities might be struggling at the moment, the major amenity for this property is that it is located close to Pamlico Sound, in a great destination area. For anyone who is into sailing, or is a boating enthusiast, or an avid fisherman, or anyone who enjoys water sports, or anyone who just wants to live on the coast of North Carolina, this is a great opportunity.

There are few vacant water front lots available in Fairfield Harbour. Most of the lots have been fully developed with houses, docks, and landscaping.  Many of the lots in the subdivision have homes on them and are valued in the $200,000 to $500,000 range, according to the county.

To make this property even more accessible, we are willing to finance the purchase price, so you only need to come up with $307 cash.

We will carry the remaining balance at 10% for 37 months.

This will result in a payment of $200 per month.

Hurry now to take advantage of this great price offer.

We only have one water front lot like this.


If you buy with Cash now,

you will receive a 15% discount at $5,838.30!

E-mail or call us if you have any questions.


1-800-735-5678call skype logo Coastal North Carolina Lot for Sale!1-800-735-5678 FREE

Visit our web site to see even more detail on this property.


The lot for sale is a nicely proportioned 1/3 acre lot.


1. At the time of sale the property is free and clear from liens other than recurring assessments and bonds and the property has marketable title.
2. The pictures displayed on and corresponding property description for each particular property describes Seller’s opinion of the general property area, condition and/or property area based upon Seller’s visit to the property and/or research made about the property area.
3. At the time of the sale, the properties do not have any delinquent taxes due.
4. Any Affidavits of Disclosure or other Seller property disclosure statements made available have been made to the best of the Seller’s knowledge.


Disclaimer: All properties are being sold in an “As Is, Where Is, and with All Faults” condition as of the date of sale. All sales are considered SOLD and FINAL. Buyer understands that Seller will abide by all state disclosure laws and will disclose all known facts regarding the property. Buyer acknowledges that all properties are being sold subject to all existing covenants, conditions, restrictions, reservations, exploration and mineral rights, easements, rights of way, assessments, zoning, and all other land use restrictions as there may be on or off record. Buyer grants Seller the right to run a credit check before loan approval. Seller reserves right to refuse credit at his discretion. If credit is denied, all down payment funds will be promptly refunded.

Deed: Unless otherwise stated, Owner financing will be done using a Land Contract. Once the property is paid off, we will convey ownership to the property using a “Special Warranty Deed” .

This could be the successful conclusion of your North Carolina property search.  Owning this property holds the promise of great waters port and Atlantic coastal scenery. Property (land) is a good investment, because it is tangible, and enduring. golf Courses may come and go, but the waters of the Neuse river, Pamlico Sound, and the Atlantic Ocean have been here for eons. This can be an amazing addition to your family’s future.

Call us now to arrange for terms. 1-800-735-5678call skype logo Coastal North Carolina Lot for Sale!1-800-735-5678 FREE

Or contact us by e-mail at 1-800-735-5678call skype logo Coastal North Carolina Lot for Sale!1-800-735-5678 FREE

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