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From time to time we sell land parcels through E-bay auctions. We also offer the option of buying directly from the web site using a credit card. We have found that this is something many of our customers appreciate.

Buying via auctions is fun, exciting, and holds the potential for great buying opportunities. One of our buyers once managed to buy a $24,000 property for a down payment of only $1.00. Another buyer bought a $39,000 property for a down payment of only $1,025.  That is the kind of thing that can happens on e-bay.

We don’t usually do credit checks, and our low monthly payments are accessible to almost anyone. If you want to do owner financing simply e-mail us at and we will work out terms that work best for you. If you would like, you can make your down payment through PayPal in most transactions. On very large transactions we do not go through PayPal, but rather use an Attorney to escrow the money until closing, for everyone’s peace of mind.

Congratulations. Purchasing one of our amazing properties is a great step in wealth-building. We pride ourselves on always delivering excellent properties with great terms.

Refund Policy: If for some reason we cannot deliver on a contract, we guarantee that the customer will receive a full refund.

Recent Auctions & online purchases:

SOLD Down Payment for 696 Laurel Ave, Westminster, SC

SOLD Down Payment-406 Blue Ridge Court, Westminster, SC, Foxwood Hills

SOLD Down payment- 9 Hand Drive, St. Helena Island, SC

SOLD 50% of Remaining Balance on the Guadalupe Estates Property

SOLD Final Payment for Guadalupe Estates Property

ACTIVE: 209 Pecan Drive in Foxwood Hills, Lakeside resort in the foot Hills of South Carolina



This AUCTION will be for another home site lot in a gated subdivision near Lake Hartwell, near Westminster, SC.

Be sure to sign up to be one of our Premier Buyers so that you will be instantly notified of every pending auction as soon as it is posted. Feel free to browse our available properties. There are some great deals here, and we are always willing to listen to a reasonable offer.