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Thanks for visiting our page of recently SOLD properties. We created this page as an afterthought. It occurred to us that our customers and friends might enjoy browsing some of the properties we have sold recently.

As you view them, you will see that they are not similar in any way but one; the buyer got a great deal on a property that suited THEM. We are sincere when we say that we are in business to help people achieve their goals and dreams. That is the thing that makes this meaningful for us.

We hope you enjoy looking at some of our recent “SOLDS” and then return to our active properties, and select one that suits your tastes and dreams. As you view these properties, bear in mind that the best way to end up owning your ultimate dream property, is to buy and sell some “stepping stone” properties along the way. That is often the fastest route to get where you are going. “Stepping stone” properties can generate the wealth that will buy your dream lot, and build your dream home.  Start today to construct your American dream, one property at a time.

We are proud of the fact that we can tailor financing packages on most of our properties, and we always sell at significant discounts. We are here to serve you. Let us know how we can make your experience more enjoyable. Just leave us a comment on the bottom of this page.

Click below to browse a few of our recently SOLD Properties

SOLD! #9 Hand Drive This home site is located only 500 feet from the beach on Port Royal Sound, directly across the water from world-famous Hilton Head Island.

SOLD! 406 Blue Ridge Court Located only about two hundred feet from the water of Lake Hartwell, this property sits atop one of the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

SOLD! 122 Pintail Lane This unique and beautiful homesite is over 2.6 acres of rural land. Partially cleared and partially wooded, this property is about seven miles from the quaint little town of Holly Hill, SC.

SOLD! Salley Street, in Orangeburg, SC. This 1/2 acre parcel sits in the city of Orangeburg, just moments away from USC campus.

SOLD! Catamount Road, corner lot three miles outside of Holly Hill, SC.

SOLD! 1826 Stroman Ave, Orangeburg, SC. This tiny 400 square foot house slipped into our buying process unnoticed. We thought we were buying a single vacant lot. Imagine our surprise when we discovered the house during our standard due diligence!

Stop by again from time to time, so see more examples of great deals we’ve been able to find for our buyers.

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