State Parks in the Golden Corner of South Carolina

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Golden Corner SC.300.px  State Parks in the Golden Corner of South CarolinaThere are no less than nine state parks in or near the area of South Carolina known as “The Golden Corner.” This is an interesting fact, and it gives us reason to wonder why.  In order to discover the answer to that question, maybe it would be helpful to examine what it takes for a piece of land to earn that distinction.

According to Wikipedia, a State park is an area “preserved on account of its natural beauty, historic interest, recreation, or other reason…” so essentially, an area is given the designation in order to place it under the protection of the government because it’s very beauty is considered a natural resource that cannot be replaced, and must be preserved for the appreciation and enjoyment of future generations.

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So what does it say if there is a large concentration of such parks clustered in a small geographical area? Obviously, this is pretty solid evidence that there is something special about that place. It means the natural beauty of that land is so striking that people went to a lot of trouble to make certain it would be preserved and protected.

Brasstown falls 25 min away.750px e1296505874145 State Parks in the Golden Corner of South CarolinaThe northwestern corner of South Carolina is such a place. As you travel through the area, you may find yourself wondering not why so many locations were designated as state parks, but rather, why the entire area didn’t receive such a designation. The land in this place is nothing short of gorgeous. The land is lush and rich and filled with an amazing variety of wildlife, on the ground and in the skies.

Water plays a starring role in the structure of the natural beauty of the state parks here. The rains of springtime bring a rich flora bursting forth that covers the land of the foothills with rich foliage. The springs, rivers, and lakes glisten in the warmth of the southern sun, and are filled with abundant aquatic life.

As you explore the northwest corner of this amazing state, you will encounter a wonderful blend of warm southern culture and world-class natural beauty. It is no wonder the area has earned the nickname “the Golden Corner” and it is no wonder that there are so many locations here that have been designated as state parks.

Foxwood Hills Mountains3 e1296513525366 State Parks in the Golden Corner of South CarolinaOnly the most notable places have been set aside as parks; places like Paris Mountain, Tacoa falls, Jones Gap, Caesar’s Head, Raven Cliff Falls, Oconee, Lake Hartwell Park,  Table Rock, Chau Ram Falls, and several more  just across the border on the Georgia side. Together, these represent hundreds, probably thousands of miles of hiking trails of varying difficulty, hundreds of striking, memorable rock features, and millions of gallons of glistening, tumbling water moving, smoothing, shaping and cutting ancient stone as it has for centuries.

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 State Parks in the Golden Corner of South Carolina



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