The Land – SOLD!



The Land is in Texas.

This land was sold by owner

9.25 Acres of Trans-Pecos Land

Own over 400,000 Square Feet

of  the land of the wild, wild West.

Only a one – hour drive from

Pecos Texas, Carlsbad New Mexico,

Guadalupe Mountains National Park,

and Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

Opt in banner Snipe Competi The Land   SOLD!

Deer near Property.Optimized The Land   SOLD!
Recent photo of a few of the deer who live near the land.
Locals report that there are some huge bucks in the area of the land.


The photo below was taken at an undisclosed location in Culberson County.

Culberson Texas Deer Herd e1289970120522 The Land   SOLD!


Map # 0015621

County: Culberson


Parcel Size: 9.25 Acres

Legal Description: SW/4 SW/2 NW/4 of Section 3, Block 112, Public School Land Survey-9.2525 Acres, Culberson County, Texas

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Culberson County Clerk of Court


CASH ONLY FOR DOWN PAYMENT – Down Payment amount is negotiable. Owner financing available on balance. Down payment amount will be deducted from the purchase price. Cash Offer will result in 15% discount of the purchase price.

Interest:  10%

Monthly Payment: $215 per month.

This is a 3-year loan.  No penalty for paying ahead or early.  Down payment amount will be deducted from the purchase price. Loan servicing fee of $15 per month is included in the $180 per month payment. Payments based upon a 15% down payment.

Total Balance: $3,500.00

Use the “add to shopping cart” button below, and receive a 15% discount for cash purchase!

Power: Solar or wind possible


Cell phone Maybe, dependent on carrier.

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Owner Financing is Available.* 

Monthly Payments of only $200

Or, with a cash purchase you save


Steer Wrestler The Land   SOLD!

Pecos Texas is an “old west” town of less than 8,000 people. Friendly to travelers, there are seven local hotels and a lot of dining establishments.

See the partial list below.

Caramba Restaurant at Quality Inn, I-20/US285, 432-445-5404

The Cookery at Flying J Travel Plaza, I-20 Exit 42, 432-445-6001

Alfredo’s Restaurant, 1002 S. Cedar, I-20 Exit 42, 432-445-7776

Pizza Hut, 524 S. Cedar, I-20 Exit 42, 432-445-2929

Sonic Drive-In, 505 W. Third St., I-20 Exits 39, 43, 432-445-3568

Pizza Pro, 1223 S. Eddy, I-20 Exit 42, 432-447-2874

Alpine Lodge Restaurant, South Service Road, I-20 Exit 42, 432-447-2215

La Fiesta, 1313 S. Cedar, I-20 Exit 42, 432-445-3323

Old Mill BBQ & Burritos, 1318 S. Eddy, I-20 Exit 40, 432-445-6106

Sally’s, North Cedar 207 N. Cedar(US285), I-20 Exit 42, 432-445-1870

Terrazas Restaurant, 1300 S. Eddy, I-20 Exit 40, 432-447-6663

Dairy Queen, 1226 S. Eddy, I-20 Exit 40, 432-447-6760

La Nortena Tortilla Factory, 211 E. Third St., Business I-20, 432-445-3273

Burrito Depot, 2340 Bickley Ave (Texas 17), 432-447-3328

Panda House, 707 S. Cedar St., 432-445-9889

El Mexicano, 317 S. Oak

Speedy’s, 317 W. Third, 432-445-1323

Tommy’s Place, 1102 E. Third St.

The Chamber of Commerce touts

Pecos as the site of the World’s First Rodeo,  held on July 4th, 1883.

It is also the site of the Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame.

Pecos Sign The Land   SOLD!

Pecos is also famous for growing

“Pecos Sweet Cantaloupe.”

Pecos is situated on the West bank of the Pecos River,

on the North Eastern edge of the

Chihuahuan Desert, and what is known as the Trans Pecos Region.Judge Roy Bean copy The Land   SOLD!This area is famous in the history of the West.

Many of the Stories you’ve heard about the Wild West

Occurred in this region in the late 19th century.

A short distance from the land is an abandoned railroad,

The construction of which is what drew the

infamous Judge Roy Bean, “The hangin’ judge”

into this region in 1882.  Roy Bean arrived on the scene

with a large tent and ten 55-gallon barrels of whiskey

for the railroad workers, and the rest is history.

Railroad Abandoned Bed 650px1 The Land   SOLD!

Looking at this abandoned Railroad Bed,

you can almost hear the echos of the picks and hammers,

and the shouts of the teamsters.

How interesting would it be to work the 200 yards

on each side of the bed with a metal detector?

A little North the land,Carlsbad, New Mexico is a nice small city.

Carlsbad NM WElcome sign The Land   SOLD!

Carlsbad, New Mexico is home to  27,000 People.

Carlsbad is a College town, home to

New Mexico State University-Carlsbad.

New Mexico University The Land   SOLD!

The area’s main economic engine is driven by Ranching,

Oil and Gas exploration, Farming, and Tourism.

You can buy the land with a reasonable down payment and owner financing,

or pay with cash and receive a 15% discount.

The price of the property is $6,000.

A 36 month note at 10% results in low monthly payments

of $165. There is a $15/month loan servicing fee, for a


This payment includes all loan servicing costs .

There are no hidden fees. That is all you pay.

E-mail now to buy this great property.

Or, buy with cash and get an additional 15% off!

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The area is surrounded by natural wonders.

The land is located within a short drive of two different National Parks. Guadalupe Peak, in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, is the Highest Point in Texas. El Capitan, the Southern most tip of the Guadalupe range is the most photographed peak in Texas.

The land is only fifty miles away from the stunning vista you see

in the photograph below.

The area is surrounded by exotic, wild beauty

and the amazingly varied nature of South West Texas.

El CapitanFoster Jerod.1000px e1290037817841 The Land   SOLD!

Carlsbad Caverns National Park is also only about an hour’s drive from the property.

Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico The Land   SOLD!

E-mail or call us now to make a down payment.

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Directions to the Property

Be the proud owner of 9.25 acres of Texas, in the Trans-pecos region.

The land is a great get-away,

and yet it only takes a short drive to get to civilization.

See the map below, showing that the property is less than an hour from Pecos.

Map. Pecos to Property The Land   SOLD!

And only about an hour drive from Carlsbad New Mexico.

Map. Carlsbad to property The Land   SOLD!

It is only about 30 minutes from Red Bluff Reservoir, and the Beautiful Pecos River.

Red Bluf Reservoir to Property map copy The Land   SOLD!

Here is a satellite photo of the reservoir and surrounding area.

Red Bluff Reservoir copy The Land   SOLD!

The land is also only about an hour’s drive from two National Parks.

Parks to Property Map copy The Land   SOLD!

The plat map below shows that the section has been divided up into parcels of

approximately 10 acres each. This parcel is 9.25 Acres.

There is no development at all here. Don’t get the impression that you are

buying property in a subdivision, because you are not. This is rural, wild land.

It never has been a developed subdivision, and probably never will be.

The parcel does have road access via a primitive dirt road.

The former owner’s name is Matt. You can see an arrow pointing to the property.

Culberson Wolf Property Plat Map e1289968834583 The Land   SOLD!

Below is a photo of the actual road that fronts the property.

Dirt Access Road.650 The Land   SOLD!

You will pass through a gate on Ranch Road 2119 on your way to the property.

Please be sure to close the gate, so that livestock doesn’t escape.

Pipe Gate Wide Angle.650px The Land   SOLD!

The Chihuahuan Desert is filled with an amazing variety of plants and animals.

Tall Yucca e1289972657375 The Land   SOLD!

Coyote.8x5 e1289963521191 The Land   SOLD!The land is unspoiled nature.

Tall Brush.650 The Land   SOLD!

Tall Sage e1289972083472 The Land   SOLD!

Of course, these amateur photos cannot begin to capture the character of the landscape.

The Trans Pecos region is home to an amazingly wide variety of exotic creatures.

Burrowing Owls.8x5 e1289971227684 The Land   SOLD! 

These burrowing owls are one of many interesting species who inhabit the region.

You are going to love being a land owner in the Wild, Wild West.

The entire area is made up of stunning vistas.

Guadalupe prairie e1291776223574 The Land   SOLD!

As you travel west from the land, you will find more and more hills.

Many exotic animal species live here.

Javelinas.8x5 e1289970327215 The Land   SOLD!

Buy with confidence.

The land has a clear title guarantee.

Owner financing will be provided with a low monthly payment of $180.

There is a one-time loan origination/deed processing fee of $290.

Your downpayment + $290 = the amount due at closing.

The down payment will be deducted from the purchase price.

Have you ever wondered what it was like for the Old West Cowboys

who slept out under the stars? This is your chance to find out.

Stake Your Claim now, for over 400,000 square feet of land.

Have you ever heard the crackling of the campfire?

And smelled food cooking over an open flame?

campfire1 e1292108659842 The Land   SOLD!Your campfire will be the only light pollution out here.

Below is an astronomical map of a recent night sky over this very location.

Star Gazing1 The Land   SOLD!

Imagine laying on the land that you own, watching the same stars that have

enchanted early Americans since before history began.

Feel the cool breeze.

Feel the stress of the city fall away as you drift back

to a simpler time, a more natural state.

Great Horned Owl.night  e1292112786224 The Land   SOLD!

Hear the rythmic creak of crickets, the persistant hoot of the Great Horned Owl

and the distant, haunting howl of a coyote.

In our day and age, this kind of experience is rare.

Be your own person.

Live and play your own way.

Pitch a tent, search for ancient artifacts, enjoy the wildlife,

practice with your bow or your six-shooter, and know that you own this land.

This is your chance to connect with the old ways of doing things.

For the price of a family vacation, you can own this land forever.

This land is your land.

You OWN the land.

Stake Your Claim Now, before someone else does.

Send in your offer now, to

Or call 1-800-735-5678

Stake Your Claim Now.

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When it’s gone, it’s gone.



Property Details

Status:  Available

Listing Price:  $5,165

Address:  40 miles south of Carlsbad, New Mexico

City:  Culberson County

State:  Texas

Zip Code:  

County:  Culberson

APN #:  

Acres:  9.25

Zoning:  Open Range Land

Terrain:  Level to Low Hills

Utilities:  None

Current Annual Taxes:  

Directions/Finance Terms/Other

Make us an offer.

Additional Photos

Culberson Texas Deer Herd Great-Horned-Owl.night Deer near Property.Optimized Deer near Property Deer near Property Tall Brush.650 Red Bluff Reservoir copy Railroad Abandoned Bed 650px Railroad Abandoned Bed 650px Judge Roy Bean copy Burrowing-Owls Tall Sage 650px Dirt Access Road Red Bluf Reservoir to Property map copy Map. Pecos to Property Map. Carlsbad to property parks satelite 650px copy Parks to Property Map copy Deer Picture Opener 650 Culberson_Wolf 650 PX. Property_Plat_Map Culberson Wolf aerial Map Guadalupe Sunset.650px El Capitan,Foster, Jerod.650px Star Gazing Mule-Deer.Closeup.web Culberson County Line Mesquite.web Road-to-property.web Mule-Deer.Closeup.web Star Gazing

Property Map

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